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WW Development Session with Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche has been a father to so many of us for so long. It’s my distinct privilege to welcome him as a guest to the Workspace. Paul will share some thoughts with us and we’ll get some time to ask him some questions and interact with him a bit. Don’t miss this.

Learn more about Paul here.

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to Jan 31

Rest Retreat with Worship Circle

This will be an incredible time for Worship Leaders to come together and chase after what the Lord is doing in the earth together. I can’t wait to be there and meet so many of my friends in person for the first time.

Worship Circle coaches are: Todd Fields, Christy Knockels, Kim Walker-Smith, Paul Baloche, Charlie Hall, Jeremy Riddle, Meredith Andrews. They’ll all be there ready to meet us in person and worship with us.

Learn more about both Rest and Worship Circle here

If you can’t be there in person, make sure to tune in to the live worship broadcast Wednesday, 1-30-19 at 7:30pm EST.

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WW Development Session with Josh Baldwin

Josh Baldwin is a worship leader so many of us have been influenced by and look up to with recent song releases that are impacting lives across the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Josh, chat with him a little and hear his story. He’ll share thoughts on worship leading and songwriting and he’s the most down to earth guy I’ve ever met.

Learn more about Josh here.

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WW Excellence Workshop with Steve Goold

Steve has a unique way he speaks about and teaches excellence at his home church of CCV in Phoenix, and his unique experience playing with Ben Rector, Owl City, Sarah Bareilles and many others gives him an encouraging authority in this area. His heart for volunteer development will inspire you.

Check out more about Steve here.

If you’re not a part of Worship Workspace jump in now!

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WW Development Session with Ray Hughes

Songwriter, story teller, worshiper and father of the worship Movement, Ray Hughes passion and leadership is a unique mantle on this planet. Don’t miss the opportunity for our community to meet Ray, learn from him and spend some time chatting with him about our own stories.

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WW Songwriting Workshop with Matt Stinton

Matt Stinton has an incredible and extensive journey through songwriting throughout his whole life and during his time at Bethel. His new book, The Songwriter’s Advocate is an shares much of this journey and what he’s picked up along the way.

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Worship Leaders + Fall Breakout

Have you ever stopped in the midst of a busy season of ministry and realized that YOU were the one who needed to be ministered to?

Burn-out is a big topic in church world and for those of us in ministry, work/life balance is a difficult thing to find. Worship Leaders + Breakouts are virtual gatherings that allow us to connect as a community of worship leaders and hear teaching and encouragement to push our ministries into vibrancy and health.

This October we will be joined by Meredith Andrews from Vertical Church to talk about how to create a healthy ministry while maintaining a healthy personal life (they aren’t mutually exclusive??)

We would love to see you there. Register here!

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