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As I’ve been engaging with worship leaders across the country, it’s become clear to me we need a space to meet together and pour into one another. Worship Workspace was born out of a vision to see an intentional community arise and that everyone involved would see personal growth and ministry movement through their interactions with one another. Learn more here.

Check out the Worship Workspace PODCAST HERE


From time to time I write blogs for our community and post them on our worship community’s website.

  • The Heart of Worship - Part 1 A Journey to Intimacy

  • The Heart of Worship - Part 2 ‘Why’ Changes Everything

  • The Heart of Worship - Part 3 Us and Him

Blog on The Worship Community about

Over the past couple years I’ve been championing something I’m calling the Rehearsal Revival Project. It’s all about worship leaders using time with their team as tools for intentionally building a strong ministry culture. I had the privilege of sharing my heart on this with the folks at Worship Revitalize.


Along with leading our worship teams, I preach about once a year as a part of the staff at Grace Church in Roseville, MN.

  • Watch my sermon, ‘Living in Alignment’ here.

  • Curious about #RehearsalRevivalProject ? Learn a bit more about it here.

  • Watch my sermon from our series I Will here.

  • Watch some clips from my teaching sessions at Reveal Release - a conference on Identity


I had the opportunity to share about the #RehearsalRevivalProject on the After The Music Stops Podcast.

Clifton Worley had me on his podcast and we talked about life, faith, and how the vision for Worship Workspace came about.

Dave Dolphin of Practical Worship and I had a fun conversation on the #rehearsalrevivalproject that left us feeling inspired, hopeful, and motivated to develop our volunteer relationships in a powerful way.

I had the honor of being a guest on NewCreation Church’s Taking Back Monday Podcast and had a great conversation on finding purpose. Listen here


While my primary focus is on discipleship in the worship family at my home church, I’m really passionate about seeing leaders from other churches step into personal growth as they influence their team and church. Tailored Coach is all about helping come alongside those in ministry and seeing them thrive.

If you’re interested in coaching with me, check out my profile on Tailored Coach to learn more about what this could look like.