The Gospel didn’t come to point out our sin, the Gospel came to remove it. If you’re a believer feeling guilt/shame/condemnation, God is greater than your heart and he knows everything. 

Guilt = I’m not forgiven 

Shame = This is still who I am

Condemnation = I am worthy of judgement 

The truth is, as he is so are we in this world. We are perfected for all time by one sacrifice, being constantly transformed from glory to glory as we renew our minds, and HS convinces us we’re children of the Most High. 

Grace teaches us to live upright, self controlled lives today, and HS is always searching the deep things of God, the mysteries of his mind for us to hold and steward. 

The new covenant is a covenant between God and God, insured by the death/resurrection of Christ. Your behavior simply isn’t a part of the equation. You’ve been given the mind of Christ, a new heart, and a new spirit birthed by God himself. God calls you his own righteousness. Jesus has given you all the glory that the Father has given him. 

You have the BIRTHRIGHT to walk and stage and boldly lead. What Christ did worked so completely, we’re co-heirs with him - we get what he gets. We’re already seated with him in a place of authority. 

The Christian walk is a swagger and a boast in Christ. 

Nic Payne